Vaping Batteries and Chargers

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Types of vape batteries and vape battery chargers vary widely, so you'll certainly have choices! Today, we'd like to share some information about the different styles of batteries and vape battery chargers. If you're consider buying one or both of these products online, you should know that you're on the right track, as it's possible to get great deals when you shop via the Web. Web-based retailers typically have overhead which is lower than retail outlets in the community and they are able to pass the savings onto their clients.

Vape Battery Styles to Consider

The two main categories of vape batteries are protected and unprotected batteries. The protected styles feature compact circuit boards which are found on the bases of the batteries. These circuit boards stop the battery from discharging or charging under particular circumstances. When you choose protected batteries, you'll need to buy special chargers for them which are meant to charge rechargeable-style lithium batteries. The other style is lithium batteries which are unprotected. They create power of 4.2 volts when they are completely charged. Afterwards, output decreases to 3.6 volts. It's important to avoid letting battery voltage fall to 3 volts or less, as this will ruin the battery. Be sure to choose a charger which is made for this type of battery. The right charger will stop the charging process when 4.2 volts is achieved. We think that protected vape batteries are the smartest choices. We also think that finding vape battery chargers which are made specifically for these types of vape batteries is vital. So, buy your battery first. Then, find a charger which is recommended for it. It's really the smartest way to shop! Tips to avoid battery explosions can be found here

How to Find the Right Charger

Once you've comparison-shopped and selected the perfect protected vape battery, make a note of its brand and model number and then add that information to Google. After you do so, add the word, "vape battery charger". This should allow you to access targeted results. Lots of great manufacturers offer reliable and affordable vape battery chargers for an array of vape battery types. Nitecore is one option and LUC and Tomo styles are also highly-rated and respected. When shopping around, look for the best price. Find a charger that suits your battery and comes from a great manufacturer. Then, add the product information to Google. You'll get results from a lot of online retailers that sell that charger. Find the cheapest deal from a reputable online retailer and then order what you need online.